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Подшивка Содержание номера "Наше Наследие" № 58 2001



5801 Boris Sokolov. Count Severny¹s Album, or the Gardens of Paul I


5802 Tatyana Dudina. Farewell to Gatchina


5803 Yuri Pyatnitsky. Sinai, Byzantium, Rus


5804 Viktor Filatov. A Head and Shoulders Image of the Saviour


5805 E.S. Smirnova. A Newly-discovered Icon of Christ




5806 Yevgeni and Yelena Pasternak. The Pasternaks in England


The Unknown Leonov


5807 Leonid Leonov. The Acts of Azlazivon. Foreword and publication by N.L. Leonova


5808 V.P. Polykovskaya. So were the penitents saved?


5809 Valentin Rasputin, Vladimir Bibikhin, Hegumen Andronik (Trubachev). On the story by Leonid Leonov


5810 Leonid Leonov. From Notebooks. 1950–1960s. Foreword by V. Rasputin, publication by N.L. Leonova


5811 A.N. Benois. 1905 Diary (Conclusion). Publication, preparation of diary text, introductory article and commentaries by I.I. Vydrin, I.P. Lapina, G.A. Marushina


5812 Mikhail Sokolov. The Mystical Realism of Sergei Romanovich


5813 D.M. Nikanorova. Around Pushkin: genealogical ties of the Russian gentry


5814 Lada Vuich. “In wondrous Fall near Revel”


“Our Heritage” Gallery


5815 Yuri Gerchuk. The Sensitive Eye of the Painter


5816 Sergei Popov. The Return of the Master




5817 Yuri Gerchuk. Attempt to revive the amateur book


The present issue opens with a contribution by Boris Sokolov Count Severny's Album or the Gardens of Paul I [сделать ссылку на 5801] concerning the unique collection of architectural plans of the estate of prince Conde Chantilly near Paris visited in 1782 by grand duke Pavel Petrovich, the future emperor Paul I, who travelled around Europe under the alias Count Severny. The impressions left by these travels found later reflection in the planning of parks in Gatchina and Pavlovsk. This article is followed by a note by Tatyana Dudina Farewell to Gatchina [сделать ссылку на 5802] on a series of dimensional drawings of architectural monuments of the famous palace-park ensemble by architecture historian M.V. Krasovsky (1874–1939). These monuments were recorded on the eve of the war, during which they were partially destroyed or damaged.

Yuri Pyatnitsky describes the exhibition Sinai, Byzantium and Rus [сделать ссылку на 5803], which took place in the summer of 2000 in the State Hermitage which included, among other items, ancient icons of the X-XIII centuries from the Sinai monastery of St. Catherine, and an account of the monastery and its connections with Russia.

Restoration specialist Viktor Filatov (A Head and Shoulders Image of the Saviour [сделать ссылку на 5804]) and Doctor of Fine Arts E.S. Smirnova (A Newly-discovered Icon of Christ[сделать ссылку на 5805]) describe an outstanding occurrence—the discovery of a previously unknown work of art from the Byzantine circle of the second half of the XI century.

The rubric Literature/History/Philosophy contains a documentary narrative by Yevgeni and Yelena Pasternak The Pasternaks in England [сделать ссылку на 5806] which includes English-language letters and telegrams from Boris Pasternak to his father and sisters from 1941–1960s.

We present the first publication of one of the early, censored stories of Leonid Leonov The Acts of Azlazinov [сделать ссылку на 5807], with a foreword by N.L. Leonova and accompanying texts by Valentin Rasputin, Vladimir Bibikhin, hegumen Andronik (Trubachev) and V.P. Polykovskaya. The publication also includes unpublished fragments From Notebooks. 1950–1960s [сделать ссылку на 5810] which reflect the world of the mature author.

The present issue concludes publication of Alexander Benois1905 Diary [сделать ссылку на 5811] written in France (September-December, for beginning see: Our Heritage. 2001, No.57, pp.48-78). Mikhail Sokolov’s essay The Mystical Realism of Sergei Romanovich [сделать ссылку на 5812] attempts to decipher the “message” carried by the artist¹s paintings (1894-1968); some of these paintings are presented on the pages of the journal.

M.D. Nikanorova describes the work carried out on the ready for publication “Album of Genealogical Ties of the Russian Gentry with A.S. Pushkin” which contains diagrams of the genealogical connections of the national genius with outstanding members of the gentry culture [сделать ссылку на 5813].

The appearance of one of the first Russian estates built in the neo-Gothic style is inextricably linked with the name of Alexander Benckendorff (1781–1844), the head of the III Police Department. This estate is described by Lada Vuich in her contribution “In Wondrous Fall near Revel” [сделать ссылку на 5814].

The regular rubric “Our Heritage” Gallery features notes by Yuri Gerchuk [сделать ссылку на 5815] on the painter Alexander Gluskin (1899–1969) and Sergei Popov [сделать ссылку на 5816] on the sculptor Georgi Motovilov (1892–1963).

The rubric Bookmark in this issue carries a review by Yuri Gerchuk of the facsimile editions of “Yat” studio and the “HGS” publishing house. [сделать ссылку на 5817]


Front cover: The Annunciation. Altar gates from the chapel of the Five Martyrs of Sevastiya. Byzantium, Sinai. Second half of the XII century. Fragment. Photo by Yu. Molodkovets

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